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  • What is a Three-proof Machine?_Shenzhen Xinjingyuan Technology Co., Ltd.


    What is a Three-proof Machine?

        The definition of the three-proof mobile phone is very simple. It is a mobile phone that has been specially treated by the machine and has a slight dust-proof, anti-drop (shock/compressive) and...

      Shenzhen Xinjingyuan Technology Co., Ltd.-Handheld Multimode Satellite Phone

      Handheld Multimode Satellite Phone-HTL-2200

      HTL-2200 is a satellite mobile smart phone jointly developed by our company and military enterprises. It is equipped with high-end hardware configuration and has a slim and light shape design. The product not only supports all kinds of networks in dual SIM, seamless switching of Netcom, but also has the navigation functions of Beidou and GPS. It can provide confidential and reliable mobile communication services, effectively improve the informationization degree of activities such as land-sea communication, government services, global business, and scientific research. adventure and outdoor travel.

      Shenzhen Xinjingyuan Technology Co., Ltd.-Double Light Night Vision

      Double Light Night Vision-XJY-SC03WR

      Night vision distance of 600 meters

      All black environment night vision 600 meters

      Laser ranging distance 800 meters

      High precision Beidou + GPS composite positioning

      Active near infrared imaging

      Super homogenization and fogging

      Five-fold infrared protection

      Glare shielding, one-button photo, HD recording

      Wide temperature, reinforced design, protection class IP65

      Glare shielding, one-button photo, HD recording

      Wide temperature, reinforced design, protection class IP65

      Glare shielding, one-button photo, HD recording

      Wide temperature, reinforced design, protection class IP65

      Shenzhen Xinjingyuan Technology Co., Ltd.-Smart Healthcare: Smart Wear

      Smart Healthcare: Smart Wear-


      Designed for sports and fitness people;

      With long battery life, support for high quality display and compact size;

      Convenient ECG+PPG data synchronization;

      Low power consumption ;

             < 0.6mA for PPG (sample rate 125Hz .w/o LED )

             < 0.6mA for ECG

             < 1.25mA for PPG+ECG

             Heartbeat Interval Technology + Built-in 4KB SRAM

             Integrated boost LED driver circuit

             High precision: dynamic range greater than 100dB

             Cloud platform big data analysis

      Shenzhen Xinjingyuan Technology Co., Ltd.-Laser Ranging XJY-CJ01

      Laser Ranging XJY-CJ01-XJY-SC03WR


      Multiple measurement modes

      Long measuring distance and high precision

      Small size, easy to carry

      Low power consumption and convenient charging

      Product parameters:

      Ranging range 6 to 1000 meters

      Ranging accuracy ±1m within 400m, 0.4% beyond 400m

      Angle range -60° to 60°

      Angle measurement accuracy ±1°

      Speed range 20~300km/h

      Laser type 905nm (Class I laser)

      Magnification 6X

      Effective eyepiece 16mm

      Outlet diameter 3.7mm

      Objective lens aperture 22mm

      Field of view 7.5°

      Battery specifications Built-in 3.7v/800mAH lithium battery

      Product weight: 168g

      Product size 118mmX75mmX40mm

      Working temperature -10 ° ~ 50 °



    About Xinjingyuan MORE>>

    Shenzhen Xinjingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 871154), was founded in June 2009. National high-tech enterprises, the government's key training targets, and the director unit of the National Materials Surface Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. The company has passed a series of quality assurance system certifications such as IS09001:2015, GJB90001-2009, and has dozens of invention and utility model patents and software copyrights.

    Since its inception, the company has focused on the development and production of intelligent communication products and solutions and product development in the communications + field. In addition to supporting services for well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and vivo, the communications industry has also developed Tiantong satellite mobile phones (the first in China, replacing maritime satellite phones). In the communication + system expansion, it has entered Communication + optical night vision, laser range finder, physical evidence instrument and other industries and communication + health indicators of human body signs detection and transmission.

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