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Special ship-Fixed ship

Various types of training vessels can meet a variety of training purposes.   

The main body of the hull is made of steel structure, and the hull size can range from tens of meters to hundreds of meters.

The reflection coefficient of the hull can be adjusted as required.

It has three control modes: manual driving, remote control, and autonomous navigation.

The remote control has the functions of stopping, starting, forwarding, rewinding, and automatically dropping anchor.

Autonomous navigation has the function of autonomous navigation in accordance with a preset trajectory, and the remote control distance is greater than 100 kilometers.

Remote monitoring of panoramic status, real-time recording, storage, playback, target ship’s engine working status, fuel volume, attitude, heading,

Data information such as location and panoramic image

Equipped with Beidou positioning system, short message system and satellite communication system.

The electronic chart displays the electronic chart of the whole sea area, which can distinguish and label and display real-time information such as the number of voyages, headings and positions of each target ship.

The image resolution is 1080p@60Hz, and multiple cameras are set on the hull to form a cross angle of view to realize the process of ammunition encountering the target ship

No dead angle video monitoring.

Other function settings can be added according to training needs.

technical parameter

Training ship supports customization

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