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Company Profile


    Shenzhen Xinjingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2009. It is a national high-tech enterprise supported by the government and its high-end brand "Junyu" won the title of top ten brands in the night vision field. The company has successively passed a series of quality assurance system certifications such as GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 and GJB 9001C-2017, corporate credit rating AAA certification, environmental management system GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015 certification, professional Health and safety management system GB/T 45001-2020/ISO 45001:2018 certification, etc., has more than 30 inventions and utility model patents and software copyrights. 

    For many years, the company has been deeply involved in the research and development of low-light and infrared night vision core technology and communication and intelligent control technology, and has been widely used in the development of night vision products, reinforced computers, Beidou communication products, training ships, data centers, etc. In recent years, we have participated in the construction of important projects in many special industries in many countries, and have been universally recognized and praised by users. We will continue to strengthen the integration of night vision communication technology, data processing technology and AI technology, and further enhance independent innovation capabilities, based on different Industry needs, and strive to provide high-quality intelligent products for national defense, public security, forest protection, property management, urban management, safety supervision, environmental protection, scientific research, tourism, camping and other fields.

Company Culture


Xinjingyuan takes "innovation, quality and integrity" as its business philosophy, and its pursuit of satisfying ever-changing customer needs. It has won and will continue to win praise and support from users, and will better carry forward its "down-to-earth, looking to the world" The spirit of Junyu, recruit talents in the industry, continue to innovate, strengthen management, follow the company's development strategy, integrate universities, research institutions and corporate resources, and continue to grow on the arduous road of pursuing excellence, serving customers and benefiting society.


Company front desk


Marketing Service Department


Product research and development

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Development path


Look to the future

Responsibility. Be stronger and bigger

An enterprise is not only for all employees and shareholders, but also for the whole society. It is our firm pursuit to bravely assume responsibility and continue to grow stronger and bigger.


Breakthrough in development. Realize the dream of re-listing

In order to promote the rapid development of the company, it has taken the initiative to delist from the New Third Board in 2018, and is planning the domestic A-share listing to embark on the journey to realize the dream.


Expansion and adjustment. Multi-technology integration and innovation

In order to seek greater development space, the company has increased its investment in the fields of night vision, Beidou communications, and reinforced computers, and strived to integrate multiple technologies, innovate and develop, and successfully applied to military-civilian integration products such as special target ships. Affirmation and praise.


Standardized operation. Listed on the New OTC

The company's performance continued to grow. Standardized operations and rapid development of the capital market were major strategies at the time. After the guidance of the three major institutions of securities, accounting, and law firms, it was successfully listed on the NEEQ in 2017.


Explore and set sail. Hand in hand with well-known communication companies

The founder, Xiaoyan Duan, the government department went to sea for business. After studying and tempering in the entrepreneurial park for overseas students, in 2009, he had a dream and a few people started the entrepreneurial process of enterprise foundry. Until 2014, he has successfully joined hands with major brands such as Huawei, OPPO, and VIVO. Famous enterprises.

Quality Policy


  • Quality first: Product quality is the life of the company. The company should make every effort to strictly manage, strengthen process control, and be meticulous to ensure that products that meet customer requirements and laws and regulations are developed and produced to satisfy customers.
  • Credibility first: The company pays attention to integrity and abides by its promises to customers. To ensure that high-quality products and excellent services meet customer needs and win customers' trust.
  • High-quality products: The company meticulously manages the production process, strives for perfection in product quality, to ensure that the products delivered to customers meet the specified requirements, and strive to exceed customer expectations, so that product quality is in a leading position in the industry.
  • Continuous improvement: Continuously analyze and summarize research to ensure continuous improvement of product quality, process and the effectiveness of the quality management system.
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