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Xinjingyuan "Challenge Passion, Melting Pot Team"-Expansion Activities Successfully Ended


Today is the era of team warfare. It is obvious that an enterprise cannot survive by relying solely on individual abilities. Only by relying on the wisdom and strength of the team can it gain long-term competitive advantage and development potential, and an excellent and cohesive team can be warless Unbeatable competitiveness. Cohesion has become the core competitiveness of a person and even an enterprise based on the current era.


In order to better challenge the passion, smelt the team. Enhance team execution, obedience, leadership, and overall concept. On June 4th, under the personal leadership of the general manager, the company organized all managers to conduct a one-day outdoor development training. I hope everyone will take this opportunity to accept the challenge. , Dare to take responsibility, break through the limits of oneself, hone and improve oneself, and use practical actions to show the demeanor of the "Xinjingyuan family".


In June of the scorching heat, the sun was scorching, and all the family members who participated in the expansion were not afraid of the sweltering heat and high spirits, rewriting their records time and time again, breaking through themselves time and time again. Family members have a deep understanding of what a team is. In each team, is the role played by each member dedicated, dedicated, dedicated, and dedicated? How should each member fulfill his responsibilities? Does it reflect his or her own value in a team? This event undoubtedly gave us the best answer; the entire team has shown infinite strength in the expansion, trusting each other, summing up experience, constantly challenging, and never giving up. Everyone realizes that as long as we work together, we can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. In the work, it is inevitable that there will be unsatisfactory times or unexpected accidents. At this time, as long as the team is united and actively seeks better solutions, nothing is difficult.


After the outreach training, the company organized a dinner party for everyone to reward everyone for their hard work! Expansion training is short-lived, but its impact on everyone is indeed far-reaching. I hope that all "Xin Jingyuan family members" will practically apply what they have experienced in the expansion training to their future work, so that they can fully integrate themselves into the creation of an outstanding team. In China, the goal of knowing oneself, challenging oneself, and surpassing oneself has been truly realized, and a strong and united excellent team has been smelted.


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